Naturist sauna guide

Naturist sauna guide

Sauna and wellness naturist sauna guide is all about helping you find the very best Naturist saunas and spas, Naturist campsites, Naturist clubs and Naturist holidays around the world so you can enjoy the relaxing time alone or with your family.Screen Shot 2014-02-01 at 14.42.05 










It all started when my family and i where traveling Europe in a our motorhome that we imported from Germany.

The one night we where stuggling to find a place to sleep the night when we spotted a few motorhomes in a carpark, We pulled up and noticed there was a swimming pool there, We had been traveling all day and our children where young so thought it was ideal to have a quick swim there and a rest,
We walked into the swimming pool and where in complete shock and totally amazed the swimming pool was amazing even had a bar in the water and every one was so relaxed, We had a drink while the kids where swimming around and then went onto the slides to get to the top one we had to get in a lift….
We could not believe it 
Then we all thought lets try the sauna wellness area therme paradise they called it we scanned our wrist band to got throw and so at this point paid.
Then wow we had shock number two and this was the biggie there all naked OMG we thought….
What do we do we are not swingers, naturists or perverts…..
At this point the kids where ready to rock and roll my son and daughter had already got into the swimming pool and it was like the bath at home.I looked at my wife and thought she is going insist we leave straight away she looked at me and said what do i think…
The place was amazing so we thought sod it and stripped off and wrapped a towel around ourselves and had a stole around the place was massive it had a restaurant, 2 bars, cold pool, hot pool indoor outdoor trow the wall, steam rooms, log cabin wooden saunas everywhere all different temperatures and with essences in the air they all looked looked amazing. 


Me being the man of the house i decided to go first there was a large group of people going into one sauna so decided to follow they all were sitting naked on there towels and all the bottom seats where taken thought no problem ask lady if i could pass in english and hopped on top shelf.

Sitting on my towel now wondering what was happening next, In walked a young woman in cloths, shorts and a teeshirt and started to talk in german me being english just sat there and went with the flow she stared to pour water onto the coals and a little essence i guess menthol, she waited a little for the room to heat up and started to wave a towel at every one by the time it came to me i was on fire but just put my head down and took it like a man then she put more water on and went around again at this point i was ready die…. If i didn’t leave so i asked in english if could squeeze past and the all rolled about laughing, one guy said english cant take it…

Was so funny i must say…… The moral of the story hot air rises and boy did i get to find out

When every one finished the all had a quick shower and jumped naked in to a cold pool and then the lady gave everyone some fresh fruit which was nice.. lots of people came and made us feel very welcome and explained what to do and where to go….very nice

Needles to say we have never looked back since that day






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